Bianca Casanova Anderson

Bianca Casanova Anderson, Co-CEO, ProInspire


Bianca Casanova Anderson, educator, nonprofit leader, and social justice practitioner, with expertise in interpersonal communication, racial equity facilitation, and human development. As an educator for almost a decade, Ms. Anderson found her passion for human-centered change in the classroom. She built a unique background by cultivating inclusive learning environments that center relationships, uplift marginalized voices, and disrupt racism. As the founding Director for the Dallas-Fort Worth site of the Center for Racial Justice in Education, she trained and advised over 3,000 community leaders and educators around the nation in effective racial equity policies, practices, and procedures. In 2021, Bianca was promoted to Co-CEO, where she supports nonprofit organizations and foundations by leading a portfolio of training programs and services that center race equity and leadership development.

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