How Do We Create Home in the Future? Reshaping the Way We Live in the Midst of Climate Crisis (Fall 2023, Print Issue)

How Do We Create Home in the Future? Reshaping the Way We Live in the Midst of Climate Crisis (Fall 2023, Print Issue)

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How Do We Create Home in the Future? Reshaping the Way We Live in the Midst of Climate Crisis

Fall 2023: Volume 30, Issue 3

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  • Welcome

  • Ancestor in the Making: A Future Where Philanthropy’s Legacy Is Stopping the Bad and Building the New

    “When I imagine the world anew, I think about what kind of ancestor I will be to my future grandchildren.”

    by Dana Kawaoka-Chen

  • Kawsarina

    by Laura Seldner

  • To My Gaea, a Letter You Will Never Read

    by E. E. King

  • Land Rematriation: A Conversation with Cyndi Suarez, Donald Soctomah, Darren Ranco, Mali Obomsawin, Gabriela Alcalde, and Kate Dempsey

    “The next shift is, clearly, Indigenous peoples’ knowledge and participation and leadership. All these things are at the forefront of what we know to be good in terms of caretaking our planet.”

  • Belonging

    by Atheeva Reji Kumar

  • Sanctuary

    by Hunter Liguore

  • California Environmental Justice Organizers Are Writing the Future of Climate Plans

    “The Principles of Environmental Justice call on us who have survived hundreds of years of colonization to raise our leadership and develop solutions in the long arc of our liberation.”

    by Mari Rose Taruc

  • For Moses

    by Peter Wallace

  • Forecast

    by Vanessa Hua

  • How the America the Beautiful Initiative, the Inflation Reduction Act, and Philanthropy Are Effecting a Just Transition in Native American and Alaska
    Native Communities

    “It only makes sense that Tribes lead this transition away from extractive and exploitative fossil-fueled economies and toward a clean energy future.”

    by Chéri Smith

  • Elder Tek

    by Christopher R. Muscato

  • The Gifted Children

    by Chris Haynes

  • How the City of Boston Is Investing in the Future of Its Youth and Home

    “As we continue to find climate solutions, an important one often gets overlooked: investment in youth and young adults.”

    by Iris M. Crawford

  • ’Til the Rivers Come Home

    by Dera Udochukwu

  • A Onda Antiga

    by Andrea Vale

  • On Fiction and Environmental Advocacy: A Conversation with Alison Stine and Jeff VanderMeer

    “Many of VanderMeer’s books, including Hummingbird Salamander...are concerned with the planet: the changing climate, the erosion of natural habitats, the survival of animals—and humankind’s part in the destruction.”

  • Early Coralroot, Corallorhiza trifida

    by Alison Stine

  • The Quagga Man of Marsh Lake

    by Cole Nelson

  • The City That Was in a Forest— Atlanta’s Disappeared Trees and Black People: A Conversation with Hugh “H. D. Hunter”

    “Atlanta natives and residents have long been fighting to protect themselves and the land from oppressive forces throughout—and long before the #StopCopCity movement.”

    by Julian Rose

  • Adobo Sky

    by Caroline Hung

  • The Crown Has Come Home

    by Gunnar De Winter

  • Movements Are Leading the Way: Reenvisioning and Redesigning Laws and Governance for a Just Energy Utility Transition

    “Energy and utility justice movements aren’t just imagining versions of this future but also are actively working to build them.”

    by Maria Stamas

  • A Line in the Fading Paint

    by Ron Fein

  • This Is Not the End of the World (but You Can See It from Here)

    by Ellis Bray