Winter 2023 - Digital Issue

Winter 2023 - Digital Issue

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Love as Social Order: How Do We Build a World Based in Love?

Winter 2023: Volume 30, Issue 4

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  • Activating Loving-Awareness

    “Our ability to develop greater loving-awareness just might make the difference between our survival as a species or not.”

    by Sará King

  • Uprooting Oppressive Values in Social Change Work through Emotional Intelligence

    “Any attempt at individual, organizational, or social change that focuses exclusively on external structures without addressing the internal expressions of oppressive systems will achieve only limited or short-term gains. This is because even as we try to change...we continue operating in ways that unconsciously align with the values of the very systems we are working to dismantle.”

    by Estrella Dawson and Matthew Taylor

  • Healing Society through the Archaeology of SelfTM: A Racial Literacy Development Approach

    “Imagine a civil society in which communities, individuals, and leaders (nonprofit, social movement, philanthropy, business, education, and more) regularly engage in the process of self-examination for the sake of improving our world. The Archaeology of Self…offers an avenue for personal and collective healing.”

    by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

  • The Archaeology of SelfTM: A Conversation with Cyndi Suarez and Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

    “[L]ove is a literacy, like everything else. And we especially need this literacy in schools—because part of the crisis is that the children are not being loved the way teachers would love their biological or foster children. And I’ve seen love manifest
    through curriculum—a curriculum that invites kids to learn about their own identity, to learn about from whence they came, to (as the writer Robin Kelley would say) “freedom dream” a world for themselves. That is a curriculum of love, a
    curriculum of human flourishing.”

  • Calling People Forward Instead of Out: Ten Essential Steps

    “An essential conversational skill is knowing the difference between calling forward and calling out. Standing in the future, we can look back and see that one of the things we had to collectively affirm is that we are done with calling people out.”

    by Justin Michael Williams and Shelly Tygielski

  • Hope Is a Practice and a Discipline: Building a Path to a Counterculture of Care

    “Sometimes we expect the energy and feelings that we need in order to build movements amid crisis to flow naturally as though they were embedded in our personalities. That is the influence of individualism. Just as patience is a practice, rather than a feeling, hope and grief are not simply things we feel but things we enact in the world.”

    by Kelly Hayes and Mariame Kaba

  • Love as Social Order

    “How do we build a world based in love? This is a critical question for social change agents. If we do not consider what drives our work, we may inadvertently be driven by fear or rage.”

    by Cyndi Suarez