Summer 2021 - Digital Issue

Summer 2021 - Digital Issue

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The World We Want In Search of New Economic Paradigms

Summer 2021: Volume 28, Issue 2

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  • Can We Reshape the U.S. Social Contract?

    “The U.S. regime of neoliberalism that has dominated public policy for the past forty years has been dislodged. What remains less clear is what will replace it.”

    by Steve Dubb

  • America’s Infrastructure Needs: Community Development Leaders Weigh In

    “Our public discourse remains largely focused on specifics. . . . Our national conversation should instead focus on clearly illuminating this rare opportunity to direct public investment with a racial equity lens, simultaneously expanding access to wealth and economic vitality for future generations.”

    Tony Pickett, Grounded Solutions Network

  • Land Back: A Necessary Act of Reparations

    “Reparations is one part of the process of restoring justice for the land theft, genocide, and enslavement committed in the spirit of capitalism, because the generational privilege is still real and the harm to our communities and peoples persists. For Indigenous peoples across the globe, the Land Back movement is at the center of this fight for reparations.”

    by Nikki Pieratos and Krystal Two Bulls

  • Resurrecting the Promise of 40 Acres: The Imperative of Reparations for Black Americans

    “The elimination of the black-white wealth gap should provide the foundation for the magnitude of redress that this stark American racial injustice demands. After all, the racial wealth gap is the economic measure that best captures the cumulative effects of the full trajectory of American white supremacy from slavery to the present.”

    by William Darity Jr. and A. Kirsten Mullen

  • From Insecurity to Sovereignty: A Vision for Food Justice

    “In 2021, as we examine the events and stories of the past year, we need to reconsider, retell, and reinvent the stories told about our food systems, and understand how that storytelling has served to prop up these systems’ inherent injustices.”

    by A-dae Romero-Briones


  • Imaginal Cells of the Solidarity Economy

    “What will it take for the solidarity economy’s imaginal cells to complete the metamorphosis into a postcapitalist system that operates with a different set of values and logic?”

    by Emily Kawano

  • Organizing the Solidarity Economy: A Story of Network Building amid COVID-19

    “The world of early 2020 was one in which nominal prosperity was offset by increasing depths of despair, mounting student debt, and growing economic precarity. This was the context in which the Resist and Build summit was called. But then came COVID-19. . . .”

    by Steve Dubb

  • How Universal Basic Income Can Help Build a Solidarity Economy

    “A fundamental purpose of any government worthy of public support is to ensure the economic security and well-being of its people. UBI is a simple and straightforward means of fulfilling that purpose.”

    by Rich Whitney

  • The Art Worlds We Want: Solidarity Art Economies

    “In this moment of crisis and uncertainty, more and more people are excited to learn about solidarity economy practices and institutions that artists and culture bearers are building to achieve resilience.”

    by Nati Linares and Caroline Woolard

  • Why a Green New Deal Requires a Solidarity Economy

    “Climate action holds the possibility of actively dismantling capitalism, white supremacy, and imperialism—in short, building a solidarity economy. But to do so will take intentional investments in alternative models of ownership that return the economy and the means of production to the people, untangling racist policies and practices of the past.”

    by Johanna Bozuwa