Summer 2017 – Digital Issue

Summer 2017 – Digital Issue

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Nonprofit Graduation: Evolving from Risk Management to Risk Leadership

Summer 2017: Volume 24, Issue 2 


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Whisperer
    From battling a stubborn grant writer’s “spray and pray” technique to facing the future after the loss of a beloved executive director—the Nonprofit Whisperer is here to give advice on all your organizational challenges.

  • Sorting Risk and Uncertainty
    This article discusses the different categories of risk nonprofits may face and how to lead in times of uncertainty. by the editors

  • From Risk Management to Risk Leadership: A Governance Conversation with David O. Renz
    It is not enough to manage risk; nor should nonprofits fear it. In fact, as David Renz explains, “The imperative here is to embrace risk leadership.”

  • The Exciting Embrace of Risk and Leadership: Thoughts for Today’s Activists
    This article highlights thoughts on socialchange leadership, self-organization, and action learning from Margaret Wheatley’s new book Who Do We Choose to Be?: Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity. by Margaret J. Wheatley

  • Social Entrepreneurship’s All-American Mind Trap
    We insist on raising up the “bold individual” as the hero of entrepreneurial endeavor—yet, as the authors write, “the uncertainty of our world requires the many to envision solutions.” In the long run, the entrepreneurship of a collective rather than a single individual may have a better chance of producing sustainable and relevant impact. by Fredrik O. Andersson and Ruth McCambridge

  • Risk and Reward: Positioning Your Nonprofit for Sustained Impact
    This article outlines Community Resource Exchange’s framework for risk leadership, geared toward nonprofits that wish to take a more intentional and strategic approach to risk. by Katie Leonberger and Jeff Ballow

  • Risk, Uncertainty, and Nonprofit Entrepreneurship
    “What distinguishes entrepreneurship from other economic phenomena is the activity of bearing uncertainty,” writes the author in this article exploring the difference between risk and uncertainty, and how they come into play vis-à-vis nonprofit entrepreneurship. by Fredrik O. Andersson


  • Board Responsibilities: The Basics
    This article is a useful reminder of the points at which boards need to be consulted about actions being considered, and how their stewardship can be enhanced to the benefit of the organization, its mission, its clients, and the rules of nonprofit law. by Herrington J. Bryce

  • A Media Theory of Movement Power
    “There is no single ‘correct’ strategy for leveraging digital media into movement power. There is, however, a set of practices that, when properly instituted, helps activist organizations adapt to the rhythms of the digital age,” writes David Karpf in this discussion of activism in today’s media landscape, excerpted from the author’s new book Analytic Activism: Digital Listening and the New Political Strategy. by David Karpf

  • Investing in Policy and Advocacy: A Foundation Shares Lessons Learned
    In 2012, the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky launched a six-year initiative addressing four broad health-policy areas. This article presents the foundation’s strategies and the challenges it faced during a time of a rapidly changing policy landscape. by M. Gabriela Alcalde and Maggie Jones