Summer 2010 – Digital Issue

Summer 2010 – Digital Issue

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In the Tube 

Summer 2010: Volume 17, Issue 2


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    How can organizations—which are designed to “do good”—also “do well”? by Woods Bowman

  • Trends: A Review of NPQ’s Nonprofit Newswire
    This year has been transformative for the nonprofit sector. Here we break down nonprofit news coverage and make sense of what’s happening. by the editors

  • In Search of Breakthrough (or Incremental?) Social Innovation
    President Obama’s administration has slated $50 million for the Social Innovation Fund. But the roots of social innovation reveal the potential flaws in the fund’s model. by Jon Pratt

  • The Fatal Design Defects of L3Cs
    While they’re the darling of some philanthropic circles, limited-liability corporations are no panacea. by Daniel S. Kleinberger

  • Nonprofit Salaries: Achieving Parity with the Private Sector
    While new data says that nonprofit salaries aren’t always lower than the private sector’s, they are most of the time. by Rick Cohen

  • Unstill Waters: The Fluid Role of Networks in Social Movements
    It’s a wonder that social-movement networks survive long enough to make an impact. What’s the secret sauce of these organizing efforts? by Robin Katcher


  • Not Paying Your Taxes? Your Board Could Be Personally Liable
    Board members, beware: the IRS can hold you liable for unpaid taxes. by Francis J. Serbaroli

  • Nonprofit Case Study: From Financial Crisis to Resolution
    Some nonprofits do crawl out from under massive debt to the IRS. by Shelly Chamberlain

  • Dr. Conflict
    A micromanaging board gets the better of an organization’s executive director. by Mark Light

  • The Take-Away
    A summary of the articles in this issue

  • Giving Back Nonprofit-Style
    Corporate America gets precious advice. by Phil Anthrop