Summer 2007 – Digital Issue

Summer 2007 – Digital Issue

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Duty, Board, and Community

Summer 2007: Volume 14, Issue 2


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    What to do if a board member has overstayed his welcome and how to think about that executive opportunity. by Woods Bowman

  • Board Stories Involving Humans
    Whether by-the-book or ad-hoc the defining feature of successful boards is not the model but the people who make it work. by Ruth McCambridge

  • Boards in Small Nonprofits: What About Friendship and Solidarity?
    Boards of small organizations manage their work and environments in a way that is often missed by “best practices.” by Christine Bertrand and Johanne Turbide

  • The Best and Worst of Board Chairs
    Do you know one when you see one? Initial research shows that there is a good deal of agreement about what makes a good board chair. NPQ readers are invited to contribute to the next phase of this research. by Yvonne Harrison and Vic Murray

  • Loyal Opposition
    A board that can adopt this parliamentary concept can benefit from internal scrutiny and creativity that will ultimately strengthen its ability to achieve its mission. by Patricia Bradshaw and Peter Jackson

  • More Than Monitors: The Board’s Role in Sustainability
    Richard Brewster, executive director of National Center for Nonprofit Enterprise discusses in economic terms the core issue of nonprofit sustainability and it’s surprising!

  • Engagement Governance for System- Wide Decision Making
    Community impact is at the center of this model, that is simple, intuitive, and genuinely powerful. by Judy Freiwirth, Psy.D.

Special Supplement

  • Nonprofit Risk Management: Insurance and Beyond
    Proper preparation and precaution can prevent a possible pickle. by Melanie L. Herman

  • Nonprofit Quarterly Insurance and Risk Management Service Providers Directory 2007



  • Corporate Philanthropy 2007: Finding the Compatible Intersection?
    Corporate collaboration comes with costs and benefits. Organizational leaders discuss how to go about it. by Andrew Crosby


  • Almost-Crimes: The Boston Globe’s Foundation Exposés Revisited
    Where are they now? Cohen revisits some high-profile cases and finds a complex and underwhelming response to clearly unethical situations. by Rick Cohen


  • The New Goals at the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Fate of the Nonprofit Sector
    What’s wrong with foundations taking charge in the nonprofit sector? by Marie C. Malaro

  • ARNOVA Abstracts
    A selection of the most recent abstracts from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.


  • VultureList.Org: A Charity Exploitation Prevention Project
    This is not a joke. A modest investment could bring sunshine to donors who seek the halo of public giving to cover past sins. by Jon Pratt

  • The Take-Away
    Summaries of the articles in this issue.

  • Classifieds