Spring 2023 - Digital Issue

Spring 2023 - Digital Issue

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The Space Beyond - Building the Way

Spring 2023: Volume 30, Issue 1

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  • Welcome

  • The Space Beyond: A Conversation with Cyndi Suarez, Darren Isom, and F. Javier Torres-Campos

    “How do we encourage folks to actually understand we’re all in the same ecosystem? And how much more powerful could each of our lines of work be if we coordinated and created space to dream and imagine with each other?”

  • The Call of Leadership Now: BIPOC Leaders in a Syndemic Era

    “In this liminal time, BIPOC leaders are being asked to simultaneously dismantle the past, survive in the present, and create an alternative future. Our leadership, needed now more than ever, is being tested like never before.”

    by Neha Mahajan and Felicia Griffin

  • The Challenge to Power

    “Can we trust an organizational leadership paradigm forged over centuries of oppression to lead us toward liberation, or do we need to reconfigure that model in order to produce different outcomes?”

    by Dax-Devlon Ross

  • What Is Needed Now

    “In today’s tumultuous climate . . . we need leadership that can grapple with the challenges. Nonprofits play a critical role in organizing communities and advocating for better policies to face these crises, and we must now assess what we are looking for in our colleagues and ourselves.”

    by Linda Nguyen

  • Recentering Philanthropy toward Social Justice: A Conversation with Cyndi Suarez and Isabelle Leighton

    “There’s a very specific kind of analysis we have when we’re working in social justice philanthropy, around what’s considered powerful giving or systemic change, that might look a little different when you start to have more of a conversation that’s grounded in the lived experience of people of color.”

  • Reparations, Not Charity

    “America’s economy—and its White residents specifically—have benefited from and been fueled by the institution of slavery and the stealing of Native land. Philanthropies like ours—the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and the Brooklyn Community Foundation—that are funding work to address social, economic, and racial injustice must reckon with this contradiction and support the work of reparations.”

    by Jocelynne Rainey and Lisa Pilar Cowan

  • Toward a New Philanthropy: Advancing the Genius of Black-Led Change

    “In a journal entry, futuristic author Octavia Estelle Butler once wrote, ‘All good things must begin.’ Our collective work emerged from a time of tragedy, and today begins again as a vision of possibility. Together, we are advancing the genius of Black-led change to build a community where all Black people are holistically well and live in dignity and prosperity.”

    by Lulete Mola, Repa Mekha, and Chanda Smith Baker

  • Living beyond the Constructs: A Conversation with Cyndi Suarez and Marcus Walton

    “It won’t be just a group of Black people that’s gonna bring this nation to its fullness. It’s gonna be all folks grappling with the impacts of inequity on how they think about what’s possible, and releasing ourselves from these scarcity mindsets and other limitations.”

  • Leadership Is Voice

    “One of the most powerful things we can do as leaders is to cultivate our voice, especially now, as old narratives and structures give way to an as-yet-undefined future.”

    by Cyndi Suarez

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