Spring 2009 – Digital Issue

Spring 2009 – Digital Issue

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High Anxiety

Spring 2009: Volume 16, Issue 1


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    Nonprofit executive salary raises: do they reward a job well done or send the wrong message? by Woods Bowman

  • High Anxiety
    As the economy continues to sputter and the Obama administration completes its first 100 days, nonprofits face unprecedented challenges. Nonprofit leaders reveal their strategies to survive and thrive. by Ruth McCambridge

  • Improving Nonprofit Decision Making amid Economic Crisis
    When the going gets tough, the tough prepare for the options. by Kate Barr

  • Sweat Equity: Housing Assistance in the Downturn
    By planning ahead and making smart decisions, the Colorado Rural Housing Development Corporation has stayed above water and hopes to ride out the wave of financial crisis. by the editors

  • Foundation Grantmaking during the 2008–2009 Economic Collapse
    With foundation payouts declining, what are the financial prospects for nonprofits in 2009–2010? by the editors

  • The Dance of the Four Veils
    Don’t bury your message: your communications count now more than ever. by Tom Ahern

Special Supplement

  • How Applied Learning Shapes Nonprofit Management Education
    In universities across the nation, applied learning curricula offer students real-world nonprofit experience and challenge in classroom settings. by Judith Millesen

  • NPQ’s 2009 Nonprofit Management Education Directory



  • Dr. Conflict
    Executive committees: are they helpful decision makers or boardroom bullies? by Mark Light


  • Escaping the Perpetuity Mindset Trapz
    By giving only 5 percent of their endowments, foundations squander opportunities to solve pressing problems and stunt nonprofit performance. by Arthur “Buzz” Schmidt

Membership Organizations

  • Solid Associations: Not Recession- Proof
    The recession has affected even the most reliable of nonprofit performers. by Rick Cohen

Human Resources

  • Compassionate Layoffs: Proceed with Care
    Layoffs are never easy. But they can be less draconian if organizations abide by the golden rule. by Melanie Lockwood Herman and Ruth McCambridge


  • Nonprofit Dissolution: What to Do When Closing the Doors
    Going out in style: The dos and don’ts of closing your doors with honor and integrity. by Lee Bruder


  • Measuring Grantmaking Excellence: How Good Are Your Foundation Donors?
    How can we raise the bar for foundations and improve their practices in the nonprofit sector? by Aaron Dorfman and Niki Jagpal

  • The Take-Away
    A summary of the articles in this issue.

  • Classifieds


  • Invisible Hand Crushes Fund for Economic Literacy
    A slice of humble pie: the story of how Wall Street titans got schooled by eighth-graders. by Phil Anthrop