It May Be Hard Times
It May Be Hard Times

It May Be Hard Times

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This compendium of NPQ articles was compiled to support your thinking and action while you monitor the current chaos in the world’s financial system, trying to read how it will pan out. You will find the articles contained here to be useful in good times and bad and provide insight into managing finances in tough times.

How to Navigate a Financial Downturn

Coastal Family Health: Built to Last by the editors

Responsible Retrenchment: Advice to Nonprofits by Denice Williams

Budget Cuts and Sudden Overhead Conundrums by Emil Angelica

Managing Financial Uncertainty by Thomas Raffa and Robert J.Cocchiaro

Improving Cash Flow Management In Challenging Times: A Primer by Murray Dropkin

From Funders to Funders: Advice on Giving in Hard Times by the editors

Lessons from Crisis: New York City Nonprofits Post-September 11 by Dennis Derryck and Rikki Abzug