Into the Fire: Transformation Through Conflict
Webinar - Into the Fire: Transformation Through Conflict

Into the Fire: Transformation Through Conflict

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Conflict offers us an honest assessment of where we are in relation to where we want to be. Our opportunity as nonprofit leaders is to design for tension and conflict in order to challenge, disrupt, and throw out the false comfort of white supremacy. How might turning towards conflict help us create a multiracial democracy that centers our humanity and joy while being impactful, brave, and rigorous?

A new guide by Jovida Ross and Weyam Ghadbian written directly to nonprofit and movement leaders , Turning Toward Each Other: A Conflict Workbook, serves as the inspiration for this session. 

In this session, the co-presenters will:

  • Identify and explore common conflicts in nonprofit and civil society spaces dedicated to inclusion and belonging
  • Review accessible tools and frameworks that support organizations to harvest the gifts of conflict


Ingrid Benedict
Social Change Consultant &
Director of the Daphne Foundation
Weyam Ghadbian
Transformative Facilitator & Coach, Co-Author

Jovida Ross
Coach, Consultant,
Executive Director at Real Food Stories, Co-Author

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