Fall 2009 – Digital Issue

Fall 2009 – Digital Issue

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Balancing Act

Fall 2009: Volume 16, Issue 3


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    A nonprofit questions whether the conduct of an organization with which it may merge is too suspect to move forward. by Woods Bowman

  • Lessons Learned—or Not
    This new feature offers a heartbreaking lesson about understanding the sensitive cultural touch points in organizations. by Ruth McCambridge

  • Mission, Message, and Damage Control
    When things go awry, here is a guide to crafting messages to stakeholders. by Kim Klein

  • Is Bigger Better? The Case for Small Nonprofits
    A rich case statement for the community building value of small nonprofits by Fran Barrett

Nonprofits in the Age of Obama, Part Three

  • Alive and Kicking: Nonprofits in Late 2009
    How are nonprofits managing their resources in light of vastly changed economic circumstances? by Lissette Rodriguez

  • Advocacy in the Age of Obama
    In this, the third installment of our series on nonprofit experiences during the Obama administration, we explore the successes and challenges of advocacy organizations. by Ruth McCambridge

  • Secret Code: The Message to Nonprofits in the Federal Budget
    The language of the federal budget indicates what the federal government wants from nonprofits. by Rick Cohen

  • The United Way: Missed and Missing Goals
    Trend Alert: What does it mean that several United Ways have decided not to set cash goals for their campaigns? by the editors

  • Foundations Invest in For-Profits
    Trend Alert: An increasing number of foundations have made large program related investments from their asset bases. But these charitable dollars can favor business ventures. by the editors


  • NPQ’s 2009 Nonprofit Technology Directory


  • Government and Nonprofits: Turning Points, Challenges, and Opportunities
    The Obama administration has signaled a newfound commitment to the nonprofit sector, but history’s lessons may indicate some warning signs. by Steven Rathgeb Smith


  • Nonprofits and Journalism: An interview with Mark Jurkowitz
    Will journalism eventually be driven from the business world and into a nonprofit setting? by the editors


  • Mergers in the Wake of Financial Crisis
    Is the knee-jerk clarion call for less nonprofits and more mergers increasing, and how grounded is the urge to force a merge? by the editors

  • Collaboration or Competition in the National Nonprofit Infrastructure?
    To what degree do national nonprofit infrastructure groups set a good collaborative example to the nonprofit sector? by the editors

Leadership Transition

  • A Table for Two: Founders and Successors in the Same Shop?
    Counter to popular opinion, some nonprofits benefit from a founder’s continued presence even after an executive transition has occurred. by Mark Leach
  • The Take-Away
    A summary of the articles in this issue.


  • Dr. Conflict
    An executive director struggles with a ghost. by Mark Light


  • Does the End Justify the Middleman?
    Will Project Disintermediation simply repeat the sins of the past as it attempts to cut out nonprofit middlemen? by Phil Anthrop