Fall 2008 – Digital Issue

Fall 2008 – Digital Issue

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Working Nonprofit Style

Fall 2008: Volume 15, Issue 3


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    If the bookkeeper in your national social justice organization was helping himself to the contents of the till, what would you do? by Woods Bowman

  • Working: Nonprofit-Style
    Nonprofit workers share stories about their jobs, their salaries, and the meaning of their work. by the editors

  • Using the Whole Talent Pool: An Interview with Shannon Maynard and Robert Grimm
    Volunteers are an invaluable human resource for nonprofits. The Corporation for National and Community Service counsels nonprofits to eliminate the traditional distinctions between volunteers and paid staff to create a blended talent management model of nonprofit HR practice.

  • Show Me . . . the Participation!
    What do workers want? by Ruth McCambridge

  • Volunteering by the Numbers
    Volunteers are the human resource lifeblood of the nonprofit sector. Who are they, and what motivates them? by Rick Cohen

  • Who Decides? Mapping Power and Decision Making in Nonprofits
    Do endless meetings with no resolution get you down? by Jon Huggett and Caitrin Moran

Special Supplement

  • When Is HR Outsourcing Right for Your Organization?
    Can’t afford an HR staff? by Simone Putnam

  • NPQ Nonprofit Outsourcing Providers 2008



  • Dr. Conflict
    Are you ready to have your power in the organization reflect the power inherent in your title? Dr. Conflict is here to tell you how. by Mark Light

Planning and Evaluation

  • Business Planning on a Dime: An Interview with David Brown and Pamela Brown
    You don’t need to spend $250,000 for an effective business plan.

  • Business Planning: What’s in Your Toolbox?
    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But you have options in nonprofit planning, and “strategic planning” is just one. Broaden your toolbox by browsing the aisles of this “virtual hardware store” of business planning tools. by Richard Brewster

Financial Management

  • The Age-Old Problem: Leasing Versus Buying
    It’s an age-old problem: whether to lease or buy office and program facilities. Few organizations have the expertise and track record of the Illinois Facilities Fund, whose analytical lens can help any nonprofit sort through its real estate options. by Gabriella DiFilippo and Tanya Vartivarian


  • Nonprofit Taglines: The Art of Effective Brevity
    A tagline should say it all. Does yours? by Nancy E. Schwartz

  • The Take-Away 
    A summary of the articles in this issue

  • Classifieds


  • Next-Generation Riff: Schism Raised by Consciousness
    One organization takes the generational challenge seriously and discovers that it has created a situation that can’t be healed. by Phil Anthrop