Fall 2007 – Digital Issue

Fall 2007 – Digital Issue

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Nonprofit Reality Shows: Season II

Fall 2007: Volume 14, Issue 3


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist 
    A supervisor asks you to “adjust” fundraising reports. What to do? A vendor/sponsor thinks in quid-pro-quo terms that would make you violate your contracting processes—do you cave? by Woods Bowman

  • Once Upon a Time
    Every organization has a story we can learn from. What are the change drivers in the organizational sagas that follow? by Ruth McCambridge

  • United Housing: That’s United, Not Unitary!
    Executive Director Tim Bolding confronts a nearly catastrophic loss of funding, and finds the way forward where he hadn’t expected it. by the editors

  • The Girl Scouts: Uncharted Territory
    One of the nation’s leading federated organizations is in the midst of a massive transformation effort that they hope will enable it to serve girls more effectively while making it competitive in its market. by Lissette Rodriguez

  • Tenderloin Health: Growing Pains
    An AIDS organization’s transition from an informal familial atmosphere is a brutal affair. by the editors

  • Coastal Family Health: Built to Last
    Community health centers are complex entities with a tangle of professional, transactional, and documentation requirements. What happens when much of the core infrastructure is destroyed overnight and professional staff go missing? by the editors

  • The Ultimate Question
    The story of one organization’s decision to close. What were the deciding factors—in fact, what was the problem when no immediate crisis appeared to be looming? by Mark A. Hager

  • ONE DC: A New Chapter in Community Development in the Nation’s Capital
    A new nonprofit takes an “innovative” path, but this course has been charted before. by Sonya Behnke

Special Supplement

  • Individual Donor Trends
    What level of relationship and interaction do today’s individual donors want? by Valerie Reuther

  • NPQ Fundraising Software and Services Directory 2008


Financial Management

  • Navigating the New Audit Standards
    Be prepared! This article will walk you through the potential traps you may face in our next audit under the new standards and counsels you on how to avoid them. by Kate Barr


  • The Charitable Tax Exemption Is About More Than Efficiency
    Part of what nonprofits should add to society is diversity. Should this be a requirement of the charitable tax exemption? by David A. Brennen


  • What’s in Podcasting for Nonprofits
    Is your organization ready to podcast? by Scott Williams

  • ARNOVA Abstracts
    A selection of the most recent abstracts from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

  • The Take-Away
    A summary of the articles in this issue.

  • Classifieds


  • Executive Director Surprise
    Another axis of evil—the intersection of overreaching funders and their consultant pals. by Phil Anthrop