Endowments: Do you Need One & How to Manage them Well
Endowments: Do You Need One & How to Manage Them Well

Endowments: Do you Need One & How to Manage them Well

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In these unprecedented times of pandemic and likely recession, nonprofit staff and board have to consider carefully their approach to financial reserves---both building them and tapping them wisely. For some that means managing surplus cash or a board-designated reserve; for others that means managing an endowment. Indeed for some nonprofit board and executive leaders, an endowment is a highly desirous component of a long-term organizational sustainability plan. 
Are you concerned with how to save funds for future years and perhaps, future leaders who will step into executive and board roles in turbulent times? Do you have an endowment now? Are you considering one?  In this session, veteran executive and CFO Paul Sussman will walk you through how to think about reserves and endowments. And if you do have or want to pursue an endowment, he'll provide insightful, real-world guidance on how to manage them effectively.
Among the topics Paul will cover:
  1. What are the key long-term savings and earnings options?
  2. How and when should we tap our reserves?
  3. What are common misconceptions about holding an endowment?
  4. What organizations should probably stay clear of endowments; which would benefit?
  5. What makes for a strong investment policy?
  6. How do staff, board, and advisers partner effectively to manage nonprofit investments?

    This session is ideal for executives, CFOs, development directors, board members, and anyone responsible for managing reserves and endowments at a nonprofit organization.



     Paul Sussman

    Paul Sussman
    Consultant, former CFO Tenderloin Neighborhood Housing Corporation, former CEO Norther California Community Loan Fund