Accounting for Equity - Expressing Your Values in the Language of Finance
Accounting for Equity

Accounting for Equity - Expressing Your Values in the Language of Finance

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Many nonprofits have stated equity (across race, gender, abilities, etc.) as a goal, a set of values, and as a strategic framework for their organizations. But do their financials bear out those commitments? Nonprofit financial statements, and the decisions represented in those statements, shed light on the true priorities of organizations. How budgets are created and what is included in them tells us what an organization believes is most important. How an organization designs its reserves and where it invests those reserves can reveal its focus on equity. Vendor selection practices show whether an organization is aligning its spending with its values. Join us in a practical look at how a nonprofit’s commitment to equity shows up (or could) in its financial decisions and financial practices. We’ll cover budgeting, investing, vendor selection, personnel policies, and more. Please come prepared to share your experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore practical ways to build equity into nonprofit financial decisions.
  • Share examples of ways equity can be expressed in organization practices and policies.
  • Introduce alternative ways to budget, invest, select vendors, and structure compensation.

About Diverge Finance Cooperative

Diverge Finance is an employee-owned cooperative specializing in strategic financial leadership for nonprofit organizations. Acting as a collective finance advisor, strategist, and accounting team, we bring wide-ranging experiences and perspectives across race, culture, and gender identities that broaden our, and your, effectiveness. We join with nonprofits to help steward organization resources more purposefully. As a response to the lack of representation, we strive to build an inclusive financial ecosystem that advances BIPOC and LGBTQ+ talent in financial leadership roles. Our services include Collective Financial Leadership, Collective Accounting, and Collaborative Training Cohorts.



Shétu Rose
Co-CEO and Co-founder
Diverge Finance Cooperative
Luciano Patiño
Co-CEO and co-founder
Diverge Finance Cooperative
Curt Klotz
Chief Learning Officer and co-founder
Diverge Finance Cooperative

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