A New Framework for Boards
A New Framework for Boards

A New Framework for Boards

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As leaders strive to make their management practices more equitable and values-aligned, traditional board practices are feeling increasingly less aligned with organizational culture and direction. 

As a sector, we are attached to a set of legacy assumptions and habits around boards that are not serving many of our organizations well at all. It's time to unpack those assumptions and habits in order to choose an approach to governance that better manifests our values and beliefs about leadership today.

NPQ is pleased to welcome Ananda Valenzuela to offer a new framework for boards. Central to their framework is a shift from seeing the board’s core role as decision-making to instead seeing the board’s core role as accountability.

Join us for a rich discussion including:

  • new core responsibilities of a board
  • shifting the board's "power-over" to "power with"
  • clarified decision-making authority between staff and the board
  • examples of organizations pushing governance practice

This session is ideal for executives, senior staff, board members, consultants, and coaches.


      Ananda Valenzuela

      Ananda Valenzuela

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