Povi-Tamu Bryant

Povi-Tamu Bryant (they/them)

As a black, queer, gender nonbinary person, Povi-Tamu Bryant is committed to working with people to bring an intersectional understanding to the ways we build, live and interact with each other. As a Facilitative Leadership, Diversity, and Equity consultant, they spent the last several years working deeply to counter anti-blackness in the Los Angeles area through building out a local legal support network for the Movement for Black Lives, Justice Warriors for Black Lives. Povi-Tamu is focused on bringing care and an increased value of emotional labor to our organizations and movements. They are the co-creator of Freedom Verses, a strategic-planning and consultancy firm committed to supporting social justice and liberation work with a focus on those who exist and do work at the intersections of multiple axes of marginalization.



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