Mala Nagarajan

Mala Nagarajan, Cofounder and Principal

Vega Mala Consulting

Mala Nagarajan is a senior HR consultant who works predominantly with small-to-midsize nonprofit organizations rooted in racial and social justice values. She is driven by a vision of strong organizations working collaboratively toward a common social purpose and approaches her HR work with a holistic, values-aligned, people-centered, and movement-oriented lens. Mala is a consultant with RoadMap, a national network of independent consultants who work with social justice organizations. As part of her RoadMap work, she helped organize the HR & RJ (racial justice) working group. 

Mala has developed an innovative Compensation Equity Process and Calculator™ that works to reverse-engineer (white) supremacy out and re-engineer equity in. It’s a customized approach accompanied with a custom built management decision tool that organizations can use to shift from a market-based salary policy to an anti-racist model that centers those who live at the intersections of multiple marginalized communities.


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