Elissa Sloan Perry

Elissa Sloan Perry has over 20 years of experience as a staff member, board member, consultant, and coach with individuals, organizations and initiatives in the areas of leadership, youth development, and the arts. Past clients include Greenlining Institute, Partnership for Working Families, New York City Mission Society, Urban Habitat, National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture, and PICO California. Elissa joined Change Elemental in 2013 as the Program Catalyst for the Network Leadership Innovation Lab and became a Senior Consultant with Change Elemental in 2014 and CoDirector in 2015. Elissa co-creates opportunities for learning among Change Elemental staff and with values-aligned partners, synthesizes learning, and shepherds the sharing of learning, tools and outcomes. In addition Elissa supports Change Elemental clients with leadership development and coaching services for individuals and teams.

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