Salary Transparency:  A Real-World Discussion with Leaders Who've Done It

Salary Transparency: A Real-World Discussion with Leaders Who've Done It

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Compensation--specifically secrecy around compensation--continues to challenge nonprofit leaders working towards more just and equitable organizations. Crafting a compensation framework that an organization's leaders can be proud to share with all staff and board takes a significant investment of time--often several years of reflection, analysis, and stages of roll-out. Among other challenges, it involves confronting a host of assumptions and market norms about what different roles are "worth" at an organization and who has historically had access to these roles.

In this webinar, we'll learn from two staff leaders at CompassPoint, a nonprofit organization that recently reached the milestone of a completely transparent salary framework. Our discussion will include:

  • What specifically do we mean by salary transparency?
  • Why pursue it?
  • What stages will an organization go through on this journey?
  • What impacts on staff morale and organizational culture can you expect along the way?
  • What impacts, intended and otherwise, can it have long-term?


Jasmine Hall

Shannon Ellis

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