Deepening Organizational Equity:  Disability Justice in Our Workplaces

Deepening Organizational Equity: Disability Justice in Our Workplaces

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Deepening Organizational Equity: Disability Justice in Our Workplaces

According to the CDC, people with disabilities make up 26 percent of the US population. Thus, deepening equity at our organizations must include a commitment not to perpetuate ableism in our programming, policies, and practices. To begin with, as staff and board leaders across progressive nonprofits and philanthropies, we need to fully understand the genesis and current tenets of the disability justice movement. How does it intersect with other movements for justice? Next, we need to actively review and update our internal and external practices to ensure that they are truly inclusive for all people.

NPQ is very pleased to welcome Sandy Ho and Adela Ruiz to explore disability justice in our workplaces, including:

  • what disability justice is and how it intersects with all movements for justice
  • what policies and practices we can review and update to stop perpetuating ableism
  • how COVID 19 has changed our thinking about inclusive practices
  • how we can successfully advocate for and implement meaningful change inside our organizations


      Sandy Ho, Director
      Disability Inclusion Fund at Borealis Philanthropy

      Adela Ruiz, Program and Grants Manager
      NBA Foundation

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