Changing the Subject: Boards As Social Movement Spaces

Changing the Subject: Boards As Social Movement Spaces

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Changing the Subject: Boards As Social Movement Spaces

The Latin root word for governance is gubernare, which means to guide or pilot a ship. Governance is typically demonstrated by a collective group of people tasked with guiding an organization in alignment with its mission, vision, and values. Social movements are also a type of group action where groups of individuals or organizations focus on specific political or social issues to spark change.  

In this webinar, consultants Jenifer Gager Holland and Makiyah Moody will be joined by Dr. Carmen Rojas, president of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, to explore how boards can become more liberatory spaces by applying a social movement ethos and purpose-driven board leadership to unlock stifled potential. 

In this session, we'll explore: 

  • what’s possible by retiring “volunteer” framing for board members
  • how board and organizational impact accelerate when boards shift from "power over" to "power with"
  • how the concept of ubuntu (I am because you are) engenders a liberatory relationship with self and others that seeds new possibilities 


Dr. Carmen Rojas, President and CEO
Marguerite Casey Foundation

Makiyah Moody, Founder and President
Kairos & Heart LLC

JLG Consulting

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