Fall 2016 - Digital Issue

Fall 2016 - Digital Issue

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The Nonprofit Workforce: Overcoming Obstacles

Fall 2016: Volume 23, Issue 3


  • The New Employment Contract and How Nonprofits Must Honor It
    What motivates nonprofit employees, and are our employment contracts in the right shape to attract the best workforce possible? by the editors

  • The Nonprofit Workforce: By the Numbers
    This article presents current nonprofit employment and wage data as estimated by the Urban Institute, and analyzes the findings against the government and business sectors. by Brice McKeever and Marcus Gaddy

  • Patterns and Pattern Breaking in the Diversity Profile of Nonprofits and Philanthropy: A Conversation with Kelly Brown
    In this interview, Kelly Brown, director of the D5 Coalition, talks about the status quo of diversity in the workforce and how the ways in which we go about achieving diversity are shifting.

  • The Empty Space: A Look at How Theaters Have Filled Gaps in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
    How to achieve inclusion? The authors highlight organizations they believe are part of the seismic shift needed to maintain a vibrant future for American theater. There is much to learn here for nonprofits in every field of practice. by Al Heartley and Jocelyn Prince

  • Nonprofit Wage Ghettos and What We Should Do about Them
    There are whole fields of nonprofit endeavor that, as currently structured, are dependent on paying below a living wage. It should come as no surprise that the workforces that fall under this category consist predominantly of women of color—and people with disabilities have their very own subminimum wage ghetto, in the insidious form of sheltered workshops. by Ruth McCambridge

  • Doing Good by the Young and Old: Forty Years of American Volunteering
    How has volunteering changed over the last forty years, and how has it stayed the same? The Do Good Institute’s director Robert Grimm and the Urban Institute’s senior research associate Nathan Dietz outline the long-term trends. by Robert T. Grimm, Jr. and Nathan Dietz


  • Voices of Board Chairs: A National Study on the Perspectives of Nonprofit Board Chairs
    This article, adapted from a larger report by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, explores how individuals prepare for their role as chair of a nonprofit board, and what board chairs perceive their leadership roles to be vis-à-vis the board, the community, and the CEO. by Judy Freiwirth, Mary Hiland, Michael Burns, Gayle Gifford, and Debra Beck

  • A Youth Development Approach to Evaluation: Critical Participatory Action Research
    This article explores how five youth development programs are using critical participatory action research and youth participatory evaluation to deliver on accountability while engaging youth and improving program delivery. by Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Carolina MuñozProto, and María Elena Torre

  • A Graphic Re-Visioning of Nonprofit Overhead
    Sometimes, we need to replace one iconic image with another in order to get free of a persistent default mindset. So, it is with the nonprofit overhead ratio— and Curtis Klotz is here to lead us in a new direction. by Curtis Klotz