Summer 2014 – Digital Issue

Summer 2014 – Digital Issue

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21st Century Communications: Authenticity Matters

Summer 2014: Volume 21, Issue 2


  • Twenty-First-Century Communications versus The illustration of Control: An Epic Battle
    The idea of stakeholder communications is broached and the role of authenticity is explored. By Ruth McCambridge

  • Two Eras of Civic Information and the Evolving Relationship between Civil Society Organizations and Young Citizens
    The article explores the communicative relationship between civic organizations and young citizens as a clue to understanding the potential for youth re –engagement through digital communications. By Chis Wells

  • Reframing Issues in the Digital Age: Using Social Media Strategically
    The prevalence of social media provides a perfect opportunity to help reframe a widely misunderstood social issue. But what does meaningful engagement look like in the sphere of social Media. By Julie Sweetland, PhD, and Rob Stone

  • Two Master of Communication Discuss the Branding (or Not) of the Nonprofit Sector
    Does the nonprofit sector have a brand identity, and if so, how might we build on that? By the editors

  • Our Boards in Our Brands: An Aspiration
    The author explores the power of brand as an organizing principle for boards. By Jeanne Bell

  • Attention Philanthropy: The Good, the Bad and the Strategy
    This article discusses how to get and keep the attention of our stakeholders in a noisy world. By Chau Guo, PhD, and Gregory D Saxton, PhD