Spring 2010 – Digital Issue

Spring 2010 – Digital Issue

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Spring 2010: Volume 17, Issue 1


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    An employee questions her organization’s fuzzy math. by Woods Bowman

  • When a Donor Becomes Tainted
    When a donor becomes embroiled in scandal, how should a nonprofit respond? by Paul Dunn, Ph.D.

  • Visual Rhetoric: The Powerful Design of Nonprofit Campaigns— An Interview with Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland
    How can powerful marketing strengthen an organization’s impact? by the editors

  • The Four Horsemen of the Nonprofit Financial Apocalypse
    What “preexisting conditions” may have weakened your organization going into the recession, and what to do about it now? by Clara Miller

  • The Problem of Solo Civic Engagement: An Interview with Doug McAdam
    Does Teach for America produce more civic engagement from its graduates? by Cynthia Gibson, Ph.D.

  • The State of the States
    The states are still neck deep in economic crisis, and the federal stimulus money will soon run out. by Rick Cohen

  • The Way We Write Is All Wrong: Fixing the Broken Discourse of Fundraising
    Fundraising tactics suffer from a serious disconnect between theory and practice. by Frank C. Dickerson, Ph.D.

Special Supplement

  • NPQ’s 2010 National Nonprofit Management Education Directory


  • Dr. Conflict
    Dr. Conflict guides an employee on a major human-resources mess. by Mark Light

  • Nonprofits and Metaphors: Using Language to Create Better Outcomes
    Our use of certain metaphors to understand the financial crisis may doom already-weak nonprofits. by Scott Anderson


  • Fifteen Questions to Certify That You Are a Social Innovator
    How high do you rank as a social innovator? Take this fun quiz to find out. by Phil Anthrop