Fall 2010 – Digital Issue

Fall 2010 – Digital Issue

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Philanthropy in a Recession

Fall 2010: Volume 17, Issue 3


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    When your boss hires an underachieving family member, what do you do? by Woods Bowman

  • What Do Donors Want?
    Are donors increasingly focused on “metrics”? What does the research say? The truth is more nuanced than you might expect. by Cynthia Gibson, Ph.D., and William Dietel, Ph.D.

  • Social Influences in Giving
    Based on a series of experiments in public radio fundraising, this article reveals how the right use of social information can increase donor contributions. by Rachel Croson, Ph.D., and Jen (Yue) Chang

  • Talking About Taxes
    There has never been a more critical time for nonprofits to get involved at every level of tax policy. Kim Klein talks about the why and how. by Kim Klein

  • State Groups Tackle Tax Fairness
    These examples of state-based tax policy advocacy offer a hopeful picture of ways to rebuild the tax system. by Karen Kraut and Shannon Moriarty

  • Great Expectations: How Executive Directors Can Create Powerful Fundraising Partnerships
    For a newly hired development director, the difference between success and failure is clear expectations. by Jeanne Bell and Byron Johnson

  • The Myths and the Realities of the Commercial Gift Funds
    This thorough description of commercial gift funds explores the major players, their growth, and their access points. by Rick Cohen

  • What Gives? How does Giving USA derive its numbers?
    This article answers some frequently asked questions. by Melissa S. Brown

  • The Changing Face of Workplace Giving
    Has workplace giving kept pace with other forms of philanthropy, or is it in jeopardy? by John Coy


  • To Fee or Not to Fee? (And Related Questions)
    Originally printed in a 2004 issue of NPQ, this article is still relevant today. It examines a fee-based structure for nonprofits that have earned revenue and have effectively charged for services rendered. by the editors

  • Letting Go: A Leadership Challenge
    In this interview, Deborah Linnell, Hez Norton, and Tim Wolfred discuss the tough topic of executive transition—when executives should leave and when they should stay to ease the shift—and other trends pertinent to the recession. by the editors

  • Dr. Conflict
    Dr. Conflict advises a board president who has encountered resistance from his colleagues. Does the president just need to explain himself better? by Mark Light

  • The Takeaway
    A summary of the articles in this issue.


  • A Strategic Nonprofit Reorganization Plan
    A nonprofit organization gets a chance at role reversal with foundations. by Grant T. Goldhammer and Ophelia Paine