Winter 2009 – Digital Issue

Winter 2009 – Digital Issue

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Local Conditions Vary

Winter 2009: Volume 16, Issue 4


  • Welcome

  • Dr. Conflict
    Dr. Conflict advises a hurt partner in a misfired collaboration effort. by Mark Light

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    What to do when you have not one, but two, husband-and-wife teams on your board; and two questions on “green” ethics by Woods Bowman

Nonprofits in the Age of Obama, Part Four

  • The State We’re In: How Bad Is It Out There?
    In this installment of our Nonprofits in the Age of Obama series, we compare key economic indicators in 14 states and explore their impact on nonprofits. by the editors and state association leaders

  • Growing Needs, Reduced Funds
    Even vastly reduced state budgets have slipped out of balance; so what’s the remedy? by Jon Shure

  • The State of the Fields
    The nonprofit sector is made up of many fields of practice. Here NPQ explores how community health centers and community development centers have fared in the downturn. by the editors

  • Stories from the Stimulus, Part One
    This first of a series explores how a small Head Start program and a community health center have spent stimulus funds and the issues that have emerged for these organizations. by Ruth McCambridge and Chris Finney

  • Too Close for Comfort? Big Philanthropy and the White House
    Is it categorically a good thing for big philanthropy and the Obama administration to be intimate? by Richard Tagle and Rachel Gwaltney

  • Nonprofit Fees and Taxes: A Death by a Thousand Cuts
    States have become ever-more bold and creative in levying new taxes and fees on nonprofits.

  • The Charitable Property Tax-Exemption Debate
    Here’s a deep look at the struggle in Pittsburgh regarding the property tax exemption. Dangerous stuff! by Kevin Kearns, Jonathan Livingston, and Christine Waller



  • Local Conditions Vary: Assessing Your Nonprofit’s Financial Position
    This financial tool can help quickly diagnose the steps your organization needs to take to secure its future financially— or not. by Kate Barr


  • What Makes a Difference in Leadership Development? A View from the Field
    Even in times of crisis, there are ways to promote leadership development. by Mohan Sikka, Carolyn Sauvage-Mar, and Jean Lobell
  • Beware Your Leadership Blind Spots
    It’s not news that leaders and staff often see the strengths and weaknesses of an organization differently, but even in high performing organizations this situation holds true. by Kirk Kramer and Gail Perreault

  • Nonprofit Intermediaries: An Untenable Situation
    Government appears to be putting ever-greater emphasis on nonprofit intermediaries to do the work of the public sector. When does this trend become worrisome? by Rick Cohen

  • The Take-Away
    A summary of the articles in this issue


  • Unreachable Stars: The End Game for Audacious Goals
    Another awkwardly true-to-life satire about the vague but well-funded among us. by Phil Anthrop