Summer 2009 – Digital Issue

Summer 2009 – Digital Issue

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Tempest Tossed

Summer 2009: Volume 16, Issue 2


  • Welcome

  • The Nonprofit Ethicist
    A faith-based organization commits some unholy financial acts. by Woods Bowman

  • Nonprofits in the Age of Obama: The “State of the Village” Part Two
    Given a combination of constrained state budgets, late payments, and declining enrollment among fee-paying families, child-serving organizations face serious challenges. by Ruth McCambridge

  • An Interview with Eric Karolak
    The executive director of a national coalition of child-care centers weighs in on the roller coaster of public funding.

  • Government Contracting: The Business of Foundations— A Letter from Kathleen Enright
    Kathleen Enright of GEO urges funders to get involved in public policy at the state level.

  • Immigration and Nonprofits
    Immigration policy is a human-rights and community-building issue that nonprofits cannot afford to ignore. by Rick Cohen

  • State Immigration Policy Issues
    State immigration laws can help or hinder new immigrants from fully contributing to their communities. by Dan Petegorsky and Kalpana Krishnamurthy

  • Building Economic Power in Immigrant Communities
    Fast-growing credit unions have helped immigrant populations develop a new approach to their financial futures. by Noel Poyo and Analisa Nazareno

  • Immigrant Integration and Asian- American Community Development
    As immigrant populations grow but remain marginalized, how can nonprofits build a more perfect union? by Lisa Hasegawa and Gen Fujioka

  • Youth Leadership: The Engine of Immigrant Civic Participation
    Among the lessons of the 2008 presidential election was the importance of immigrant youth groups in fueling civic engagement. by Mari Ryono

  • Undocumented but Undaunted: Immigrant Youth at Work in the Nonprofit Sector
    Undocumented immigrant children raised in the United States face innumerable barriers to success. Will new immigration policy help these immigrants realize their dreams? by Tam Tran and Prerna Lal

  • 62 Immigration and Philanthropy: A Conversation with Geri Mannion and Taryn Higashi
    The Four Freedoms Fund has mined the power of a collaboration-based approach to philanthropy. by Joyce Baldwin

  • Supporting Immigrant Youth: Removing Obstacles and Building on Strengths
    Does the process of “becoming American” threaten immigrant success? by Cynthia Garcia Coll and Flannery Patton

  • Immigration Reform: Political Calculus versus Transformative Opportunity
    If you are an advocate for social and economic justice, you should care about immigrants’ rights. by Eva Paterson, Claudia Pena, and Miguel Gavaldon



  • Chapter 11: Why Not?
    Nonprofits have an aversion to using bankruptcy as a tool, but they shouldn’t. by Woods Bowman


  • Vertigo and the Intentional Inhabitant: Leadership in a Connected World
    If your current mode of leadership hasn’t worked at your nonprofit, it may be time to consider more robust and dynamic leadership architectures. by Bill Traynor

  • Updating the Leadership Agenda: An Essential Step for Success in Executive Recruitment
    Given the tumultuous environment for nonprofits, establishing a leadership agenda is more essential than ever. by Tim Wolfred

Tactical Mapping

  • Tactical Mapping: How Nonprofits Can Identify the Levers of Change
    With the tactical mapping method, organizations can depict and address complex political problems. by Douglas A. Johnson and Nancy L. Pearson

  • The Take-Away
    A summary of the articles in this issue

  • Classifieds


  • Ain’t I a Social Entrepreneur?
    A nonprofit leader challenges philanthropists’ comfortable assumptions. by Phil Anthrop