Impacting Social Policy: Understanding Advocacy

Impacting Social Policy: Understanding Advocacy

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Although regulations, public policy and funding patterns have an enormous effect on the outcomes an organization can produce, many nonprofit managers and board members are unclear on how much advocacy they can do, what their particular advocacy agenda should be or how to organize themselves for it. NPQ

Authors on Advocacy

Advocacy and Lobbying Without Fear: What Is Allowed within a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization by Thomas Raffa

The Meaning and Actions of Advocacy by David Aarons

Framing Social Policy by William A. Gamson

Separate, We Lose by Pablo Eisenberg

Essentials for Advancing Nonprofit Advocacy: Board Leadership by Marcia Avner

Advocacy by Design: Using Direct Media to Get a Direct Response by Annette R. Duke

A Conversation with Eli Pariser: Online Fundraising and Engagement by Ruth McCambridge

Becoming a Reliable Source: A Conversation with Rob Restuccia by Ruth McCambridge