Mastering QuickBooks: A How-to Clinic for Nonprofit Bookkeepers for Cloud-based Users

Mastering QuickBooks: A How-to Clinic for Nonprofit Bookkeepers for Cloud-based Users

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Mastering QuickBooks: A How-to Clinic for Nonprofit Bookkeepers
for Cloud-based Users

Are you ready to take your nonprofit's use of QuickBooks to the next level of strong practice and efficiency? Have you been struggling to get QuickBooks to track activities and build reports unique to the nonprofit space? Join nonprofit QuickBooks expert Gregg S. Bossen CPA for a two-part webinar series: “Mastering QuickBooks: A How-to Clinic for Nonprofit Bookkeepers.” 

Here's what we'll cover during our webinar series:

Day 1 (90 Minutes) 

  • In-Kind Contributions – How to easily value, enter and report on gifts of both goods and services provided without skewing your board reporting.
  • Tracking Volunteers – How to use QuickBooks as a volunteer database tracking both volunteer activities and hours worked. Use QuickBooks calculated values based on hours multiplied by QuickBooks entered rates for counting towards matching grants.
  • Auto Allocating Expenses – How to get QuickBooks to auto split indirect costs (e.g. utilities, rent, supplies etc…) between programs, administrative and fundraising classes based on memorized percentages entered into QuickBooks. Saves tons of time!
  • Board Reporting  Part 1 – How to easily get a one page P & L compared to Budget for your monthly board meetings that your board will love, without spending days in Excel!

Day 2 (90 Minutes) 

  • Restricted Grants – How to track all aspects of your restricted grants including entering them, assigning expenses to grants, generating reports on your grants compared to grant budgets, and dealing with received grants for future years artificially inflating current year revenues.
  • Board Reporting Part 2 – Getting detailed reports that one board member is asking for easily and without adding a bunch of additional accounts that mess up your overall Board Financials.

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About The Presenter: 


Gregg S. Bossen CPA                                   


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