Part 6 Membership

Nonprofit Business Model Series: Part 6 - The Membership or Association Based Nonprofit

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Duration: 90 minutes
Speaker: Michael Anderson

Guest Faculty, Michael Anderson, formerly of La Piana Consulting, guides participants through the diverse forms that membership and federated organizations take. He emphasizes the value proposition in these models wherein members and affiliates seek return on their investment of fees or dues, and the central organizations work to represent a field or issue effectively.

Each 90-minute session in the series explores the unique qualities and nuances of the core funding type in a nonprofit business model: 

  1. DYNAMICS: key definitions and structural realities of the funding type.

  2. CAPITAL: how the funding type draws on and contributes to various forms of organizational capital.

  3. INFRASTRUCTURE: what staffing, systems, and other forms of organizational infrastructure are essential to managing this funding type well.

  4. LEADERSHIP: the skills and mindsets necessary among executive leadership and board members to develop and sustain this kind of funding.

  5. CULTURE: the impact on organizational culture when this funding type is one of an organization's primary funding streams.

  6. METRICS: typical ways of measuring and reporting on effectiveness with this  funding type.

  7. DIVERSIFICATION: how to think about evolving an organization's business model to include this funding type.
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