Part 4 Individual Donor

Nonprofit Business Model Series: Part 4 - The Donor Supported Nonprofit

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Duration: 90 minutes
Speaker: Kim Ondrek Carim

Guest Faculty, Kim Ondrek Carim, CFO/COO at the Oakland Museum of California, and former CFO of the San Francisco Ballet, guides participants through the realities of an individual donor-centric business model. She emphasizes the implications of having donors at all wealth levels, as well as the particular requirements of senior and board leadership in a model dependent on many participants in fundraising.

Each 90-minute session in the series explores the unique qualities and nuances of  the core funding type in a nonprofit business model: 

  1. DYNAMICS: key definitions and structural realities of the funding type.

  2. CAPITAL: how the funding type draws on and contributes to various forms of organizational capital.

  3. INFRASTRUCTURE: what staffing, systems, and other forms of organizational infrastructure are essential to managing this funding type well.

  4. LEADERSHIP: the skills and mindsets necessary among executive leadership and board members to develop and sustain this kind of funding.

  5. CULTURE: the impact on organizational culture when this funding type is one of an organization's primary funding streams.

  6. METRICS: typical ways of measuring and reporting on effectiveness with this  funding type.

  7. DIVERSIFICATION: how to think about evolving an organization's business model to include this funding type.
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